1. What are Forex rebates?
This is a partial return of the broker spread or commission. Read more about Forex rebates here.

2. What should I do to get Forex rebates?
You need to open a trading account at one of our listed brokers, using the links on our website. For that click the green button ‘Real account’ (can be found on broker pages). Once the account is opened, add it through the special form on the left-hand side of the website (available on each page).

3. Can I add an existing trading account?
Yes, you can. But we don’t give a 100% guarantee that the broker will link it to WildPips.com. Once you add the account, we’ll contact the broker to check if the account is eligible for rebates and get back to you with the news.

4. How often do you pay rebates?
It depends on the broker you work with. With most brokers payments are done each week, with some of them – each month. This information is given in the Payments section on the page of each particular broker.

5. How can I track my rebate balance?
The information on the rebate balance can be requested through the feedback form.

6. How can I withdraw my rebates?
Please go to the Withdrawal section for information.

7. What if I’d like to get rebates for the broker which is not given on your list?
You can send us a corresponding request through the page – “Add broker”. We will consider it and inform you about our decision.